CHEMICAL HARVEST ‘Peace Garden’ (A Peace Song) 

Modern movement scored and orchestrated with the celestial vision, combining old words and values of honour, courage and peace. It’s one long love letter to the making the "impossible" possible. With the release of ‘Peace Garden’ Chemical Harvest is set on globalizing a vision and mindset of peace.

Written in a single session by Christian Trudel and Julien Arsenault in September 2010, and recorded by renowned producer Glen Robinson. The song was written to help promote the UN’s “International Day of peace”. With the “Dawson Peace Garden” project, it will now help serve its original purpose. ‘Peace Garden’ features James Di Salvio and E.P Bergen (Bran Van 3000), who contributed to the cause and magic of the song.

Proceeds of the download will go towards building Dawson College's Peace Garden.

An initiative of Cercle de Paix - Circle of Peace.




For more info about the Dawson College “Peace Garden” visit:

Peace Garden

Candles blessed with light
Burning down the night
Rising smoke has hit the ceiling
If you see the barrels bleeding, start forgiving

The city she makes too much noise
Bet you can’t hear your own voice
And when you try block your ears their ringing
All the street prophets know, the end is nearing

Please sir, spare me a dime
Toss me a coin, I'll watch it spin around

Don't ever block the light of day
And watch the flowers rot away
We don't mind a little raining
To help our garden grow
You know it’s time for a rainbow 

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